How Education Impacts Society ?

How Education Impacts Society

Educations is important for the well-being of society. During 1820, only 12% of the people around the world could read and write. However, the numbers have increased substantially over the years. Statistics show that only 14% of the people around the globe are illiterate as of 2016. The global literacy rate has increased gradually over a period of 65 years. That is how education affects society, the changes may not be evident in the short run but it’s massive over the years.


Whether we accept it or not, education directly impacts the mindset of people. Consider, for instance, the people living in rural areas. Most of them are illiterates. They are confined to their own uneducated selves. This hampers their growth in all areas of life, be it income, self-fulfilment or social status. What might seem possible for an educated person, may not be possible for the uneducated.


Think of it like a frog in the well. For the frog, the well is its society. It can only see what’s inside the well and nothing more. It is not aware of what’s happening outside the well. Similarly, education exposes people to the outside world and changes the outlook of society altogether.


Let us see in what other ways education impacts society:


  • Education reduces crime rate in society: An educated person can differentiate well between right and wrong. It is truly said that “an idle mind is a devil’s workshop”. While an educated person thinks about ways to develop themselves and the world, the uneducated ones think of destructing it. It’s no wonder that most of the criminals have either quit studying at an early age or didn’t study at all.
  • Education gives an identity to the person: People usually identify you or give you certain titles or tags based on your education. You’re called an engineer just because you have an engineering degree. Similarly, you’re termed as a doctor because you have attained a degree in that field. It’s the same for all the other professions as well. This goes a long way in improving the viewpoint of the society


  • Education helps in creating potential and sensible leaders: A person is elected as the leader of the state or country based on the publicity and the promises that he/ she has done. That is because the majority of people in certain places are illiterate, they fall prey to all the lucrative offers. As a result of this, an undeserved candidate is elected as the leader. This wouldn’t be the case if people were well-educated. Education helps the people of society to think wisely instead of voting blindly.


  • Education assures a promising future: People from all walks of life have benefitted from education. Look at a family tree, your ancestors might not be educated but the ones after them got educated. And that has made all the difference to your life. Similarly, it occurs in other families too which in turn results in a better society.


  • Education boosts the morale of the society: The amount of positivity a person reflects is directly proportional to the level of their education. A person with higher levels of education is more likely to have a positive outlook on life. Education not only broadens the minds of the individuals but it also boosts their morale or self-confidence. No wonder you see well-educated people walking with their head held straight in pride.


  • Education improves the economic status: Apart from improving the financial condition of the individual, education gives people a chance to bank on their skills in the global marketplace. It gives them a chance to make something out of their skills and sell it. This leads to the economic growth of the country.

To conclude, education has a direct impact on society. No matter the level of education, be it low or high, an individual can reap the benefits of it. We couldn’t agree more with Nelson Mandela’s words, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

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