How to dress up for hawaiin party theme


What I just read ? hawaiian party  . whenever we listen about party we started thinking about theme , dress ups, looks , style, food , drink , social gathering etc. Hawaiian theme party is just a perfect easy way of gathering people whether in larger scale or with limited one’s. it’s a social gathering in which people are invited for food, drink and enjoyment these group can be with same group , class or gender or it can be mixed and with difference as well . sometimes certain party has some objectives but the reason behind all theme party is enjoyment at its best level therefore every organizer wanted to organize with it’s best level so that enjoyment level should be very high.

Hawaiian party theme is one of the most exciting theme party accompanied by entertainment. This feast also known as A luau or Aloha or muumuu theme party where family members or friends meet , eat , laugh , play, share their fun with a larger scale or with a simple barbecue to create or recreate peculiar Hawaiian theme and for that they dressed differently .

How to dress up for Hawaiian Theme Party? Or how to dress up for Aloha? or how to dress like muumuu style ? question comes in mind when we are invited for such party . Sometimes color code also fixed for such party and we needed to dress up accordingly so some basic common styling and accessories we should know to get ready for party according to theme. Always keep in mind we don’t have to go to Hawaii or increase expenses to organize this party , it is as easier than other parties.


Aloha print and muumuu style require to get dressed for this theme . 5 basic and simple steps are here for Hawaiian attire :

#1 Aloha Attire and muumuu style

Aloh attire and muumuu style
Aloh attire and muumuu style

It’s just a colorful shirts for man and floral print outfit for women with our own choice. If it is in multi-color print then it give more Hawaiian impression in others eyes but if color code requires then also you can go for floral print or with plain print along with aloha accessories .women generally prefer skirt and floral top, floral bikini and skirt or single piece dress to feel the atmosphere. combination may differ as per choice but aloha remain same. Man usually goes for floral print shirts with shorts or denims seems semi casual which gives cool and refreshing look to the entire theme. Muumuu originally means “cut off” , dress with long balloon sleeves can be plain or designer with long frill cloth.

#2 Lei for hawaiian 

Doesn’t matter male of female lei require for everyone who has invited for the party. now what is lie ? Lei can be made with original flowers or artificially depends upon the rule of the party. There are many type of lei available in the market or online site who sales theme party attires. lei for Hawaiian is must as it represents the type of party quality of lei may vary from person to person. Sometimes lei color theme is fixed for theme party.

#3 Headbands or original flowers

For women and kids floral headbands whether artificial or original represent theme properly. We can also use leafy flowers like plumerias requires ( famous tropical tree that’s give beautiful flower for Hawaiian ). Flower wearing side usually decide whether women is single or taken . if it is on her right ear then the lady is single but if it is on left that means she has taken by someone.

Headbands or original flowers
Headbands or original flowers

#4 bracelet

Theme party looks better if Hawaiian bracelets wear for male and female both . Hawaiian bracelets are made by original or artificial flowers with single or multiple colors. Sometimes party tags or party name printed on the bracelets for it’s identification.

#5 Flip Flops

Easiest footwear available in every market online offline both .specially party location is on the beach or pool side party then flip flops is a perfect attire to represent our self-according to the theme. comfortable semi casual foot wear for any social gathering whether with friends, neighborhoods or with family members.

There are certain popular online subscription channels or online sites who provides theme dress and other accessories on rental basis

Some other tips how to dress up for Hawaiian party

Makeup : according to the trend and dress will enhance appearance in others eye. Colorful look gives extra effect to the person if it is carried and applied properly.

Hula skirts : thread skirts which gives stunning look to women while wearing. Must Have impressive effect with accessories .

Tiara : Food tiara or flower tiara gives exact appearance in Hawaiian party theme that can be applied in birthday parties, pool side parties, wedding parties , anniversary parties etc.

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