Why is Higher Education Important?

Higher Education

What is Higher Education?

Higher education is the education provided to students after the completion of secondary education. It is given in post-secondary or third level education institutes like colleges, universities, and institutes of technology. Higher education institutes provide professional education and are focused on vocational courses; these institutes include both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Let’s read about the importance of higher education.

Higher education is education within the college, universities, or institutes of technologies that award degrees or certificates on completion of professional courses.

Is it Higher Education is Important

Why higher education is important? This a common question among young people. As everyone knows college education is expensive. So, is it worth to invest a big amount in higher education?

Let us discuss, what a college degree gives?


Everyone knows that there is a big difference between the wages of a degree holder and a person who is not. A graduate person will surely get more wages than a non-graduate, as well as the graduate person, who gets a good job profile than the person who is not.

People with a college education have many options for jobs as compare to the person only with secondary education. A college-educated person also enjoys other facilities such as health insurance and life insurance. In other words, higher education gives you many options with a good sum of money and other benefits.

Better future

As discussed in the above point the people with graduation have more opportunities and get more money with benefits this all together leads to a better and secure future.

Now and in the future, the demand for jobs that requires an understanding of artificial intelligence and new technologies will increase. So investing today in education will help you in the future that can fulfill the needs of the job.

The universities are aimed at doing researches and designing new technologies, so the graduate person is already set for handling jobs, which requires an understanding of both that is Artificial intelligence and technologies.

Personal development

When you have a higher education you are more confident about your decisions, and your self-esteem also gets boost up. In other words, you become goal-oriented and know what steps to be performed to achieve your goals. A college degree holder is all set to decide his/her career. They are not only good at dealing with their professional problems but also better with life challenges.

A graduate person works efficiently on a job than a non-graduated person. They can do the jobs assigned to them efficiently, which often leads to up-grad in job profile.

Dealing with challenges

After completing a higher education course the person gets to experience and becomes strong enough to deal with any of the challenges. A person who has not gone for higher education will get panic in an unfamiliar and difficult situation whereas the person with higher education degree will try to understand the situation and will try solving it in the best way.

Higher education provides knowledge relevant to build the right skill by creating a special program. Higher education also offers the overall progress of countries by providing skill knowledge that leads to an efficient economy, a more stable society, and also improves people’s lives. It is taken as a shared responsibility by the both central government as well as state government. Both the government had published many policies to encourage higher education in India.

Haryana and Madhya Pradesh both are growing states of India and made tremendous improvements in human welfare by lifting the health and education facilities. The government of these states also introduced many schemes and policies to promote education and assisting the students & families with and without necessary means.

Schemes that are launched in favor of higher education are :

  • Scheme of Apprenticeship Training
  • National Scholarships
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (Scheme)
  • Junior Research Fellowships for biomedical sciences
  • All India Council for Technical Education Scholarships
  • Department of Science and Technology grants and fellowships
  • Mukhya Mantri Shiksha Deeksha Yojna (Haryana)
  • Girl Education in Haryana
  • Education Guarantee Scheme (Madhya Pradesh)
  • Scheme of Vocationalisation of Secondary Education (Madhya Pradesh)

These two states worked impressively for promoting not only higher education, but they are also concern about education at all levels. Now it can be said that both of the states Haryana and Madhya Pradesh are not behind any other state of India in education.

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