Monsoon is coming, to look stylish & Beautiful how to dress in monsoon 2020?


Monsoon is the most happening weather of the year. It becomes more exciting in countries like India where monsoon comes every year, but the rain is unpredictable, you never know when it’s going to rain. Rain could happen in the morning, afternoon, night, or it could rain the whole day, or there is no single drop the whole day.

Monsoon is a seasonal change inflow of wind that brings heavy rain with it. In India, when the wind blows from the southwest in summers unlike the winter winds it brings a huge amount of rain. The monsoon in India generally arrives in June and covers most of India by July, and it starts slowing down by August and lasts up to September. North India likely to face less rain, which makes perfect weather to be outdoors, whereas the south and central India face a large amount of rain, which sometimes leads to floods and landslides.

Impact of Monsoon

In India, monsoon can be described as a season of joy. Monsoon brings green land. Many areas in India depend on rain for irrigation. It also brings pleasant weather that you would enjoy a lot, but it also brings unhygienic and unhealthy conditions with it. The most common problems faced in monsoon are skin related.

Since your skin gets burned and harmed due to hot climate during  summer, which leads to problems such as Eczema, Scabies, Athlete’s foot, and ringworm. These skin problems can turn to worst if you wear wet clothes in monsoon. Right Clothes are the things which can help you in the rainy season other than consulting a doctor and taking medicines.

How to dress-up with the right clothes that makes you look stylish and beautiful?

First thing, choose the right footwear. Footwear alone can make traveling a task in monsoon. Use rubber footwear, jelly shoes, rubber flip-flops, and crocs for walking out in rain. Wearing shoes of leather or velvet, surely it is not a good choice and also avoid wearing kitten heels or stilettos or any other type of heel footwear, wearing heeled footwear will be uncomfortable and you might be fallen from slippery surface. Wear thigh-high gumboots in place with sticky and muddy hemp, It will also add a bold look.

Umbrellas were being used for years for rains, but now it has become a style statement. If you follow fashion magazines and newsletters, the umbrellas are coming over as a fashion statement. A bright color umbrella will make you look out of the crowd positively. You can also use a printed umbrella which will help to look a bit funky and playful.

Choose the right dress fro Monsoon.

Choose the right dress, do not wear tight jeans and trousers or tops because tight clothes like jeans trap water for a longer period, which can cause you some skin problems. Instead of full pants or clothes that long and goes below knees. Choose short dresses, shorts, skirts these are not just comfortable but stylish too, and you don’t have to get bothered going to muddy and sticky places.

Choose light-weight material that gets dry quickly avoid wearing silk and denim-like cloth because they take time to get dry and even get damaged or ruined fully. Choosing the right fabric in summer is key to styling,wear clothing made up of cotton or polyester that are comfortable and dries quicker than other cloth material.

Try pappy colors even if you use to wear subtle colors go for brighter colors for monsoon 2020. A bright color outfit will make you outstand from the rest. Colors such as orange, yellow, fluorescent green, and pink or any neon colors are the perfect color to wear in rainy seasons, your appearance will match the joy-full soundings.

Choose the right Accessories fro Monsoon.

Accessorise your look with a light and bright colored handbag or an umbrella holder or a bag that has enough space to hold your essentials. Do not forget make-up, a light waterproof make-up with eyeliner or mascara will work throughout the day.

Last you should carry lightweight wind-cheaters for the worst situation. It will protect you from unpredictable Indian monsoon and even from water being splashed by a vehicle.

The conclusion is that wear bright, loose, and comfortable clothes of light-weight fabrics that can dry easily also add some accessories to complete your overall look.

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