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How many types of Home insurance are there?

How many types of Home insurance are there

There are several types of home insurance to choose from. Leading home insurance companies and banks in India offer a broad range of home insurance policies. To select the right type of home insurance and to understand the necessity of the policy according to the requirement, it is essential. Therefore, here in this article, we have drawn the details of types of home insurance available in India, so go through the information penned in this article.

What are the different types of Home insurance are there?

In this article, below, we have listed the name of some most famous and renowned types of home insurance policies that one must have being a homeowner.

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Types of home insurance

In a nutshell, different types of home insurance include separate coverage depending on the preference of clients. Through the information discussed below, you will get to know about the varied types of home insurance in India.

  1. Buildings Insurance
  2. Contents Insurance
  3. Landlord’s Insurance
  4. Tenants Insurance
  5. Listed building Insurance
  6. High valued home insurance
  7. Non standard construction
  8. Holiday home insurance

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Buildings Insurance

Building Insurance policy is such type of insurance policy that covers the financial cost spend for the repairing damage to the physical structure of the property in case of loss or theft. It involves roofs, floors and walls, as well as any fitted or permanent fixtures also.

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Contents Insurance

In the case of contents insurance, the company has to pay damages to, or loss of an individual’s possessions while are situated within the individual’s home. The content insurance covers the financial cost or replacing or repairing the household personal possessions and furnishings like clothing, jewellery, TV, computer and other electrical appliances.

Landlord’s Insurance

Landlord’s insurance is such an insurance policy that includes property owner from financial losses connected with the rental properties. Landlord’s insurance protects homeowners from financial losses. In case, if you have your own home and you are renting it, then it is essential to know which type of insurance is must, to avoid future financial losses.

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Tenants Insurance

The Tenants Insurance is for those who are renting their property. This type of insurance protects from possessions against theft and damage because of storms, fire, floods, subsidence, water leaks and burst pipes. Tenants Insurance safeguards the possession while you are renting.

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Listed Building Insurance

There are several types of insurance depending on their policies and the claims which they provide. In case of listed buildings insurance that safeguards the historic property from damages. Therefore, choose the right types of insurance and claim if you need.

High Valued Home Insurance

The high valued home insurance policy is subdivided into types of insurance, i.e. building insurance and content insurance. The high-valued home insurance varies depending on the insurer.

Non-standard construction 

Non-standard construction adds a touch of class and character to the home of an individual. There are a lot of companies that provide different types of insurance, and some shy because it is too risky.

Holiday Home Insurance

The holiday home insurance is the same as home insurance. There is an address of the risk of burglary in holiday homes. So, it is essential to have holiday home insurance.

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We hope that the information provided above regarding Types of home insurance would be helpful for all of you. If there is any client who wants to buy insurance, then do recommend others to purchase types of insurance according to their requirement. So, if you find the details satisfactory, then keep supporting, keep sharing and stay tuned for more updated regarding types of insurance available in the market.

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